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  • We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Aftershock Festival 2021! Tickets are on sale now....

    Oct 22 2020
  • Norway - we're excited to be playing Tons of Rock in June! Tickets on sale October 28...

    Oct 21 2020
  • There’s a festival in your house and we’re invited. Join us November 13-14 for a global virtual celebration of...

    Oct 19 2020
  • Can the guys come up with something so special that it finally gets them out of the kitchen? Find out in the final...

    Oct 12 2020
  • Chef Troyardee is cooking up some “Home” “Made” Pizza for the first episode of Cooking With Mastodon. Stay tuned...

    Sep 15 2020



  • Teardrinker
  • Pushing The Tides
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