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J.P. Johnson is 33 years old and lives in Fairfield, CT. Right now he works as a tennis and paddle tennis pro all year around in Fairfield County, Connecticut. J.P. Johnson has been operating in the tennis industry as a tennis pro and paddle tennis pro since he was nineteen years old. During the summer months while he was present at Colgate University, J.P. Johnson would work as a tennis professional in the area teaching at local country clubs. After he graduated from Colgate University, J.P. Johnson decided to work full-time as a tennis and paddle tennis professional in Fairfield County, CT. Ever since then, he has devoted his career to educating tennis and paddle tennis and running programs at various country clubs.

When J.P. Johnson isn’t teaching tennis or paddle tennis, he is usually doing something else that involves athletics. He enjoys playing soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, golf, frisbee, and ping pong. J.P. Johnson also likes to kayak, hike, camp, and swim. J.P. enjoys competing in general but really loves playing paddle tennis with other area players in Fairfield County. He believes it is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors in the winter months.

Currently, J.P. Johnson is playing tennis with a Babolat racquet. He has been using the Babolat Pure Drive for a couple of years now and likes it for it’s power and weight. J.P. believes it is especially beneficial for serving. In paddle tennis, J.P. is playing with the Viking Re-Ignite paddle. It is an oversize paddle that is great for volleys and forehands, it can do remarkable things to help you take your game to a greater level.

In terms of clothing, J.P. Johnson usually wears a couple of different brands. He prefers the lightweight material, especially during the hot summer months that Nike, Under Armour, Fila, and Wilson make. In the winter months, J.P. Johnson uses Prince,, Under Armour, and Nike apparel. For footwear, he uses both Nike and Prince.

J.P. Johnson has made a living out of playing and teaching both tennis and paddle tennis in Fairfield, CT. But whatever your interest level and playing ability, J.P. encourages you to get out on the courts and be active and have fun!

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