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London people not watching football Best Place To buy fifa 14 coins - Cheapest Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins For Sale!! in the pub to watch the Olympic Games men's soccer final one-fourth, hosted by United Kingdom team were placed in the last game. Press would like to take this opportunity to blend London bar and experience drinking English-style frenzy of the ball, only to see the ball, but last night the bar tour, or let us use a football game time, witnessed the United Kingdom London summer Olympic enthusiasm at the bar, around 9 o'clock in the evening until dusk, just after 7 o'clock in the evening, most of dinner time. In the United Kingdom, more bars started providing staple food, there are more and more restaurant-cum-wine, a lot of stores out there hanging out "dinner and drinks" signs, restaurants and bars began to blur the boundaries of the House apartment has a passion for football, University residence life uncle, he likes the Premiership like Manchester United, but did not like it, United Kingdom. He told us: "If you want to go to the bar watching the game can go to the front corner of the House, it can be very large, usually watching football very much. ”

5 minutes later, we went to the bar, stocked with a couple of foosball and similar "slot machine" games, are hanging around the TV in the corner. Clearly, places near here are fans watching the game. 7:30, it was desolate, in quietly to eat dinner for only a couple of tables. Liquor without even the waiter behind the bar, not to mention the United Kingdom classic picture of Queuing to buy wine in the bar and the Bazaar atmosphere of the game. Hanging on the wall of two TV, is starting to play Sun 1500 metres final. Disappointed we didn't even think they had bet on the wrong football schedule, take out your cell phone out, competition is ongoing, but the home team lost out on a ball, losing does not watch football, they see how night of track and field in three gold

Went a couple of pubs, none of us can find a live United Kingdom and Korea football match. Heard about games free live in Hyde Park did not play football, the people in a popular bar near the apartment, took a good position, called the VIP seats to see Englishman that night to see what this bar is not large, but the indoor outdoor seating combined with fifty or sixty. Distribution in United Kingdom streets of bar are is such of style, more like is Shakespeare described by of that pub, no deafening of music, no Hoang people eye of lighting, just provides a can drinking can gnawing potato tablets can see TV can talk gossip of venues just bar in has four Taiwan HD LCD TV, three hanging in indoor of corner, a Taiwan hanging in outdoor of aisle Shang, four Taiwan TV all switch to has BBC live of track and field events channel, also has a Taiwan projection. "Oh yes, United Kingdom on the track is pretty good. "Accompanied by a sports reporters almost 9 points and the weather began to Dim, outdoor temperature keeps falling stands to more and more people in the bar, the bar also lined up the long lines to buy wine. TV, broadcast signal is kept in the heptathlon, men toggle between meter running race and the men's long jump. The three projects, all United Kingdom team swept gold the night of a 800 m heptathlon final before the competition started, also did not appear on the TV screen player list, Brits at the bar began yelling United Kingdom team's name--"Jessica! Jessica! ”

Following more than an hour, three gold medals, all United Kingdom team bagged. Woman seven items Almighty 800 m and men 10000 m of last a circle, throughout bar of people are took with beer shouting refueling, rushed had end line of buy cheap fifa 14 PC coins that a seconds, ear are is screaming Huan calls and glass collision of sound if TV in has red runway of picture, you must thought this is which support Premiership team and win ball has not see football is because Olympic four years a times, but football weekly are has

For the Chinese, this was a night of Sun; but for an Englishman, which is a part of United Kingdom night of track and field. Yesterday, the United Kingdom through a day of cycling and rowing on the water into gold, by night track and field events in three gold and a total of six gold, they jumped to the gold medal standings in third place, local media commented, which is 104 years, United Kingdom in the Olympic history of the most successful day. On this day, have always loved football has nothing to do with the British. Last night, when all three gold in track and field events were finished, bar bosses reluctantly turned to television signals on the football pitch. Also thanks to has United Kingdom team and Korea team drag to penalty battle, or these United Kingdom Olympic even in bar debut of opportunities are no surprised we surprise of is, dang United Kingdom football team pour in last a penalty Shi, throughout bar in no a people because this ball not into issued regrets unfortunately of sound, everyone seems to also immersed in just track and field got three block gold of joy among "I was on didn't intends to put this field football game, because see kick penalty has, only go came see a eye. "The club owner Ken said that during the Olympics will put these English like swimming, track and field, rowing, cycling competitions. "Yes, we love football, but football all the year round, unlike in Olympic, four years at a time. ”

When we left the bar, boss and cut back on the television footage awards ceremony of the women's Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica. Celebrate Olympic gold's cheers and laughter once again fills the bar every inch of space, just as pervasive as beer aroma.

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