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In recent years,fut coins constant big of football storm swept China football, and constant big of victory already beyond has sports category, it let China football people found has confident, for athletic sports, and constant big brand and China football are brings has active effect, more big of meaning is put children again pulled back Stadium constant big of success, hosted with people on China football a copies rare of pride, let many people shouted out has "not Shang North Shang constant big" of slogan. But, currently China football reserve power lack, in most parents eye in the, stars miles picked a, kick football more is "ignorant, and no future", even some people questioned said, what "not Shang North Shang constant big" just whimsical, in contemporary China fundamental impossible has has a name North students in blog in the wrote, themselves way read focus, Shang North, took scholarship. Though it seems ring-Laden, yet a sense of emptiness inside. Because he does not know, in addition to the examination, what he's really like. Finally, he had to rest on our laurels, being a part of examination-oriented industry chain, specializing in teaching people how to get good test scores. There was a boy, his love to design football clock. Many people does not look good for him, saying he only care about football, determination, and poorly. Under the questioning of others, he insists on his way. Although knowledge of paper buqiushenjie, but very familiar with his style of football, many people who love to play like him, learn from him that knowledge. After graduating from the others when you run at a loss, he set up his own soccer business. Due to the accumulation of previous customers, his business but has a market. Perhaps, he opened a design of soccer schools in the future, there will also be many students every year in China today, examination-oriented industry chain is strong enough, even large enough to hinder the development of other industrial chain. Why to deal with examinations, give good, give up to create a new industry chain? Like fitness fitness classes, street dancing badly can teach dancing, there is market demand there will be a way of survival. Fitness, beauty College, University, Online University ... ... Various industrial chains, supposed to have space to develop. Only in this way will embrace diversity rather than nothing was growing. Contemporary, classroom knowledge is already too lag needed to keep up with the market, and is only used to test answer sheet only. Where the school was more organizing student exchanges, their professional accomplishment cultivation, more too of evergrande in professional organizations, always thought football was "ignorant, no future." Everything in the world of learning, why is only a test, playing football is not learning? Why do is concentrate on academic papers, playing football is ignorant? Football lore, everything in itself. Can even extend beyond the various football lore, forming a series of classes, such as football, soccer, market studies, marketing cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins management in football. The football industry chain itself is self-contained and offers a variety of positions. This school out of children, even yihou kick not Shang career League, cannot became million people attention of stars, also will became amateur football of main power, dang fans, and Dang football researchers, and Dang football coach, will will led how many people on football of love and interest way exam read focus Shang North may will became examination industry chain of a member, with interest learn football Shang constant big may became football industry chain of Nova. North on, hang on, choose, each has pros and cons. Interested in football, hang on, maybe worse than the North is more promising. Don't hang on the North, it is a world innovator slogans, not some fantasy. Thank you!

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