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For example, the main villain buy fifa 14 ultimate team coins has an entire backstory that isn’t explained in this game, yet returning players will understand her motivations, as much of it was seen in A Crack in Time.If you were hoping to use Clank this time around, or have a choice between him and Ratchet, you may be disappointed, as Clank can only be used during instances with very simple 2D platforming missions. It’s too bad, too, as the platforming missions while integrated into the storyline feel more like filler and an attempt to satiate players’ longing to utilize their robotic buddy than a challenging feature of the game.

As far as the 3D platforming environment, Clank will nestle safely on Ratchet’s back while you hop, shoot, and hover your way around the different planets, and he provides commentary when the storyline deems it necessary. The witty banter between Ratchet and Clank during Into the Nexus is a welcomed form of entertainment, and brings fans back to the kind of endearing voice acting they heard during A Crack in Time.Many of the familiar weapons return to this game like the Fusion Grenade that acts like a Sniper Rifle, with a couple new toys like the Vortex Cannon, which shoots a black hole out that drags your enemies into the void, or the Winterizer that turns your enemies into immovable snowmen. While firing the Winterizer, the music also changes to Christmas–themed – a nice added touch that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Players swap between weapons using the Triangle Button on their controller, aim with L1, and fire with R2, and there are a total twelve weapons in total players can get in the game. While many of the weapons are neat to use once or twice like the Winterizer, they don’t offer much in the way of a new tactical advantage, and begin to feel redundant rather than exciting when you pick up new items.Each weapon seems to have the same basic strengths, and perform the same job just in different animated ways. Most people will try a new weapon out once or twice and revert back to the basic attacks, as other than the initial appeal there doesn’t seem to be a tactical difference between them.

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