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Top 10 Tom and Jerry games for Your Child Online

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With a huge number of free Tom and Jerry games available for your child to play online, here are a couple of our favorite games you must download.

  • Classroom Clean-up

Is your child dirtying things all the time? Do you want to reinforce cleanliness and orderliness into your child at an early stage? Browse through the Classroom Clean-up Tom and Jerry game and download it for your children to play and learn how to keep things clean.

  • Cat Crossing

To boost creative thinking and brain development, your children must play Tom and Jerry games that involve Tom crossing the river to reach Jerry. There are various challenges while crossing the river to keep your kids hooked.

  • Hammer Jerry

Jerry needs hammering on the head by Tom. But, unfortunately he is far too quick and keeps evading the hammer. With free Tom and Jerry games like this one, your children know more about quick reflexes and mental coordination effectively.

  • Coloring Game

If you’d like to teach your children the basics of coloring and keyboard controls, download the Tom and Jerry games set where there are various Tom and Jerry scenarios to color. These games help children know more about color names, shades, and filling an object with colors properly.

  • Midnight Snack

This game is all about Jerry who wants a midnight snack and as Tom, you must prevent Jerry from getting the cheese slice he wants. With quirky locations and interesting challenges, your children would love to play Tom and Jerry games like these.

  • Homemade Bowling

The free Tom and Jerry games have now introduced bowling online. You are one of the two characters in the game, which means, you are either Tom or Jerry, and have to bowl in order to win the game. The Homemade Bowling could be your child’s first experience in bowling.

  • Ski Stunts

With free Tom and Jerry games reaching snow capped mountains for a skiing extravaganza, your kids have more reason to cheer. What’s more, you can join your kids at the skiing slopes in this game for a lot more fun.

  • Trap O Matic

In case you’d like your children to know what Tom and Jerry cartoon shows were like, ask them to play Tom and Jerry games involving the Trap O Matic. The animation and the special effects in this game are great and we are sure your children would enjoy the experience.

  • Refrigera-raidors

Tom and Jerry are all set to raid the refrigerator at home. Help them get the choicest of food from the fridge. It is however, not easy! There are challenges your kids must overcome in the process and eventually help Tom and Jerry clear every morsel of food.

  • Cheese Bounce

Tom and Jerry games are incomplete without cheese, and this is your chance to help them grab as much cheese as possible. Made specifically for tiny kids, cheese bounce is a wonderful game that adults can enjoy too.
These top ten free Tom and Jerry games are available online for you to download. Help your kids get the ultimate Tom and Jerry experience today!

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