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Telltale, creators of buy fifa ultimate team coins coinsthe recent Sam and Max adventure games and last year's Monkey island episodes, are working on a Back to the Future game. The adventure will span five episodes, and they're releasing Behind the Scenes videos as development goes along. We've embedded the three released thus far below. Pay special attention to the sound alike voice actor doing Marty McFly he's kind of incredible.The co creator and co writer of the films, Bob Gale, is collaborating with Telltale on the episodes, which will be released monthly from DecembeThe first episode will will pick up where Back to the Future 3 left off, and will reunite Doc and Marty McFly with their trusty time travelling Delorean.

Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc, providing his voice and likeness for the game. Michael J. Fox lends his likeness, but not his voice, meaning Telltale have had to find someone who can do a kickass impression. If Part 2 is anything to go by, they've found it.The whole series of episodes can be pre ordered now from the Telltale site for $24.95. The preorder comes with a free copy of Puzzle Agent and $1 of every pre order will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. There aren't any images of the game itself yet, but it's got the great music! And Christopher Lloyd! I'm going to have to turn my bike into a nuclear powered time travelling device and pedal my way to into Decembeadventure game, Back to the Future, Universal,

You know what? When I got up this morning it was snowing. Snowing. Stupid crystals of liquid falling from the sky, too obnoxious to even bother defrosting themselves. The snow makes everything cold and no one knows how to get on with anything. I am absolutely allowed to hate the snow. So what I'm going to do is stay indoors until it's over, playing all six of the following free games over and over again until I know I can leave my house without someone hurling a ball of solid weather at me. Are you in?Radical FishingVlambeePlay it on

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