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Stop me if you've fifa 14 coins heard this one before: you beat him by dodging his machete blows and shooting him in the back when he stumbles. Everything about this character from his introduction to his execution is lifted from the Big Book of Miniboss Design, Third Person Shooter Edition Bleszinski Mikami, .Years trapped on Yamatai have warped the populace into an army of videogame henchmen.Shortly afterwards, Lara hops onto the bottom rung of a ladder leading up a rickety radar tower whose topmost transmitter is her crew's best hope for rescue. Once you're on that bottom rung, the game will only accept one input: forwards.

Press forward and Lara climbs: press anything else and Lara stops. There's no way to fail, though a few pre canned moments will have a rusty rung give way and leave her hanging. There's a point where the game slips into a cutscene but pretends that it hasn't: nothing changes, with the exception that it's no longer accepting your input. Let go and Lara will keep climbing without you. Adventure game sleight of hand, as taught at Uncharted's School of Seven Bells what is being pickpocketed, in this case, is your right as a player to have your agency reflected in the events taking place on screen."It relaxes back into the series' matinee adventure comfort zone."

Then, after another calamitous mountainside descent, Lara emerges out onto a familiar landscape a hub area from a new vantage point. Your options for traversal have been expanded by the acquisition of rope arrows that allow you to pull down certain doors and affix zip lines to particular posts. There are letters and relics to find, and secret tombs to plunder for bonus skill points. Tomb Raider becomes about gentle exploration for a while, and there's nothing particularly traumatic about it. It's very, very pretty. You forget about the multiple times you watched Lara's throat be ripped out by a wolf because you kept fumbling a quicktime event.

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