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Six Easy Ways to Look After Your Cabin sheds

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The right garden shed can add immense value to your outdoor landscaping. At Avinou-Green, we have myriad shed varieties with exquisite designs for you to choose from. Though our high quality shed structures stand the test of time and bad weather, taking a few minutes each week to inspect and maintain them can go a long way in ensuring their durability. Skim through the following tips we’ve outlined for you after you buy sheds from Avinou-Green.

Make sure the basement is level and dry.

Secure your cabins sheds on a firm base. Uneven patches of land rock your shed and cause internal imbalance. If your garden sheds aren’t installed on a firm footing, they cannot survive heavy wind gusts, dust storms, and impact collisions. Moreover, make sure your building sheds are protected from basement moisture impregnation, particularly since metal sheds are prone to rust and oxidation when in contact with water.

Annual inspections by experienced workers are important.

Your garden sheds need regular service checks. Call upon workers and ask them to check your metal sheds for felt damages, roofing leakages, hinge oiling, and other troubles, if any. Do not neglect periodic inspections. Make sure your sheds are painted (especially metal sheds) every year before winter.

Keep your apex sheds away from trees.

When you have buildings sheds in contact with other entities in your garden, there is a lot of damage possibility. For instance, overhanging branches might damage roofing and walls of wooden sheds and cause metal sheds to develop scratches. Before you buy sheds, make note of where you’d like to keep them in your garden and accordingly choose the shed dimensions so that there is no overlapping at all.

Ventilation is important in cabin sheds, particularly in summer.

Sheds tend to become very hot during summer. If you plan to double your building sheds into conservatories, make sure you have good ventilation in place. Most sheds at Avinou-Green have large windows to ensure that fresh air and sunlight come in. In the absence of ventilation, heat and moisture could build up in sheds making them less comfortable to sit in.

Timely lubrication is important in apex sheds.

Sheds, whether made of timber or metal, need lubrication. Most cabin sheds have doors and window panels. Oiling the hinges on the panel is an effective way of ensuring that the components in the shed work well. Apex sheds made of plastic fiber also must be lubricated near the joints for smooth functioning of movable parts in the shed.

Clean your garden sheds from time to time.

Cleaning sheds is an important way of easy shed maintenance. Dusting the floor, wiping the walls, and vacuuming the grime away from your cabin sheds help augment its lifespan. When you clean sheds, you ensure that there is no wet surface, no molds and precipitation, and no dust.

A clean shed is a healthy and long lasting garden accessory. After you buy sheds from Avinou-Green, make sure you care for them the right way and increase their sturdiness.


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