Mastodon Power of Choosing Right Social Network

Power of Choosing Right Social Network

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Social networking is considered as powerful, but its power is utilized only when smarter decisions are taken for choosing the right networking site. According to a study by Neilson, 73% small businesses are managing social networking accounts to boost the growth of the business. However, not all are getting expected results from their strategies.

According to the study on social media by Social Media Examiner, “At least 88% of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media.” The site also examined in its study that “When forced to only select one platform, 49% of marketers selected Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 16%.” And yes, it would be not fair if we ignore another conclusion which says, “Only 37% of marketers (slightly more than one in three) think that their Facebook efforts are effective.”

Yes, to decide which social network to choose can be confusing. So, to sort out the confusion, here are certain crucial facts and tips to understand the power of choosing right social network.

Let’s have a brief look on how to get started with social networking:
Certain questions can help you come up with a valuable decision, which include:

• Which platform will justify my business goals and how would I drive closer to it with this platform?
• Will the social platform be able to justify with the products or services which I offer?
• Do I understand my target audience well? What is the online behavior of the target audience?

Social Media Expert Advice: Having a smarter and out of the box thinking matters the most. Instead of having vertical thinking and catering to just direct customers, think horizontally and try to identify other interests and habits of the target audience and work upon connecting with them through other horizontal communities.

Now here are certain aspects, which you have to look forward to:

Which media channel should be the first preference? According to an expert, “It's a pretty safe bet to say that nearly everyone should have a Facebook page. With over 1.19 billion active monthly users (as of Sep. 2013), it’s quite likely you will find a healthy number of your customers here. You may find the same thing in Twitter.” The best way is to research about the target customers and identify which is the best platform to reach them.

Deciding between single and multiple accounts on social media: “Ask yourself whether you are successfully able to meet the needs of the customers through one account or not?” says an expert at social media company in Arizona. If there are regional or geographical limitations, then you try to work out the solution.

Instead of what is popular, focus upon what is important for your community: With so many apps, tools, and options it is easy to get diverted from the platform after getting connected with particular media channel. You must always remember that doing fewer but important things matter most inspite of doing several things inefficiently. But this doesn’t mean that you should retain yourself from making experiments.

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