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Needless to say the fifa 14 coins room was packed.There are few rules, but the ones that are there demonstrate an effort to harness the chaos of giving quite so many people the freedom to do whatever they like. Firstly, this is about games and gaming, but thats the only proviso on topic. Second, you cant have anything prepared. Notes are fine, but a PowerPoint presentation that youve rehearsed in front of the cat is not. Use of the board is discouraged, but above all, the idea is that you shouldnt be giving a talk for half an hour. You should be planting the seed of an idea, and then get people talking.

It sounds very vague and unorganised, and you might imagine that the majority of the talks would end up being moaning sessions about why everyone should be playing obscure indie games instead of the next big triple A thing, but instead Gamecamp becomes something that is constantly interesting, and always varied. Of course you might get one or two sessions that follow what you expect, but there are ten rooms here, and theres nothing that sends more of a message than voting with your feet. Go where you want, and leave if youre bored. And so, on Saturday, thats exactly what I did. At the beginning of the day the board is always a little sparse, so the first sessions often serve as a casual opener. By which I mean tackling the issue of overworking game designers, and why we need a ‘fair trade equivalent to champion ethical game developers. Its the kind of topic I like to mull over with my morning coffee, because Im a humanitarian.

Under the title of ‘Free Range Games, and being led by Simon Roth, a games developer and student, the idea was that if we better enforced the rights of games developers not to be worked to the bone in crunch time, theyd be better off, and publishers wouldnt have to lean so hard on developers. The great thing about a conversation like this is that a good portion of the attendees at Gamecamp are games developers themselves, and so can present opinions that are informed, as well as valid.

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