Mastodon Mistakes That Web Design Auckland Companies Must Avoid

Mistakes That Web Design Auckland Companies Must Avoid

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Having a website online is an easy way to create a fan following for your product and reach out to your target audience. While creative websites are always admired, it is equally important for your web design Auckland Company to design a site that is functional and productive, especially for ecommerce portals.

Thus, ensure your website company Auckland makes a note of the following bloopers most people make while designing a website and evades them.

Site Neglect
Most of your prospective customers would look at your site to gauge your products. A patchy site with little or no information, no attention to detail, and worse, a lot of bells and trinkets would make them think twice before using your services.

Your website should be a prominent part of your online/offline marketing campaign. Hire a good website development Auckland firm to maintain your web pages and update them regularly.

Dead End Pages
There could be nothing worse than your customer ‘getting lost’ on your website. Most websites have pages with no back-links at all. This is particularly true in the case of rookie web design Auckland firms where your websites are designed linearly instead of following a closed network. Customers are easily annoyed when they suddenly find there is nowhere to go and you tend to lose a significant amount of revenue over dead end pages.

Ask your website company Auckland to insert a link to the previous page, the home page, and the catalogue page on every single page designed on your site.
Counterproductive features

While bells, flash videos, audios and pop-ups were considered cute and trendy not very long ago, they are immensely irritating features today. Your potential client is more likely in a hurry to find the right goods and they would not appreciate waiting for ages while your app-loaded website opens up.

Make it very clear to your website development Auckland panel that you do not want unnecessary plug-ins and auxiliary websites linked to your web pages. Ask them to ensure that your website loads in a maximum of about 15 seconds.

Broken back-links

Most web design Auckland firms create a number of back-links to external sources and forget all about them later. Links are constantly deactivated, broken, and ruptured online. If you tend to use broken links without testing them regularly, your customers would blame you (absurd, but true) for the link not working.

Your website company Auckland services must keep a check on whether all the links are reputed and function well.

Most website development Auckland companies never bother much about avoiding these slip-ups while they design a site. You however, must pay close attention to everything that is uploaded online to gain higher sales from your online portals.

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