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Courgette receipes needed archive

You can also use them to replace the carrot in carrot cake add the zest of an orange and some ginger to liven things up.

Courgette strips can be lightly sauteed in a mix of oil and butter and served as a side dish.

A quick way Louis Vuitton Australia to cook them is to slice them into rings and then sprinkle with salt, put a knob of butter and some oil into a dish and microwave for 30 seconds, add the courgettes, stir and add some garlic granules, microwave for about 5 mins on full then stir and microwave again.

You can also batter and deep fry the strips use a Louis Vuitton Bags tempura batter made with cold fizzy mineral water.

You can fill the flowers with a herby cream cheese mixture, batter and deep fry as well.

They're also nice in mixed pickles in vinegar, piccallilli or added to a chutneywe used to have an organic veg bag delivered every week and every week it would contain courgettes.I too became fed up with them and resorted to soup to use excess up.

It is really nice if you cut some courgettes and onion up and a peel a couple of cloves of garlic and lightly roast them in the oven in a little olive oil.When cooked tranfer to a pan and simmer with enough veg stock to cover the veggies and a bay leaf or two for about 20 minutes.Then remove the bay leaf and blend the soup, it should be thick but if not you can allow to simmer for longer to reduce down or add a little thickening.Adjust flavour i usually add pepper and a dash of hendersons but you could add some grated parmesan cheese or herbs if you like.

Nice as it is or with a splosh of cream or sour cream(Do not add the cream or sour cream when it is boiling or it could curdle).

We have had both luxury and standard veg bags from them in the past Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags and also tried the fruit bags although we didnt find the fruit bags particularly good value.

In both the luxury and standard bags you always get onions and potatoes but not loads in fact every couple of weeks i orderd and extra 1kg bag of potatoes.You then get a varying selection of different veg depending on the season.You can also register a number of exclusions that you do not want to recieve.In the luxury bags you can get celeriac, artichokes and the more unusual veggies where as the standard is a bit more like cabbage, potatoes, squash etc.We did find that in the summer we got an excess of courgettes and in the winter an excess of kale(Grown a lot by organic farmers because it is so hardy but it isnt the nicest vegie in the world! )If you go on their website and click on this week on the tabs down the left hand side it tells you what is in the bags being delivered this week to give you an idea of what you get.

There are all types of bags you can order maybe give them a ring and ask them if they have a promotion on as you would like to try them out.We got a good offer when we first started getting veg off of them.We used them for about 3 years and i would go back to them again if i ever moved back to a place where the only place i could get stuff easily was the big supermarkets.

Oh and they were always pretty flexible, if we were going away and wanted to cancel a delivery or were having guests and we needed more stuff delivered they were usually good at sorting it.

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