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It's an expanded ut coins echo of the original Dead Space not just repeating the haunted ship routine, but bringing the quiet, tense and considered approach to a frozen flotilla of craft with Isaac shuttling between them. Dusty airlocks and the grand, muffled spectacle of Isaac drifting through space are the foreground to the game's hard sci fi style, and it fruitfully resurrects the old, effective mix of mundane tasks performed amid calamity. The first moment of dread I've experienced since crawling through the guts of the Ishimura but I don't want to find out what's blocking the tram system confirms that this is partly the faithful sequel to Dead Space that people who still resent Isaac for learning to talk or daring to display his human face have been waiting fo"The game fruitfully resurrects the old, effective mix of mundane tasks performed amid calamity."

A change of pace on the surface of the planet moves Dead Space 3 into more conventional action territory. The snowstorms and wind battered outposts are a nod to the influence of The Thing on just as surely as the Ishimura paid tribute to the devastation of the Nostromo in Alien, but the combat here introduces elements of cover based shooting. There are still encounters with skittering necromorphs in corridors and vent heavy rooms, but there are also more clearings and open spaces, and action set pieces in the form of cliff face rappelling both up and down, boss encounters tiresome, and an industrial drill that's transformed into a giant rusty flesh whisk loud. It feels as though Dead Space 3 has settled on volume and value as part of a big fisted approach to appealing to everybody. The game feels laudably substantial, although sometimes the pacing suffers.

The inclusion of any level that requires players to double back through a now repopulated section justifies a call of shenanigans; Dead Space 3 does it more than once. And while the inclusion of optional side missions is definitely a good thing, not just for the added content but also the opportunity for resource gathering, they can feel at odds with the urgency of the larger objective at hand. Near the close, I was offered the chance to explore one such cul de sac, and declined in order to continue my in progress race against a religious fanatic to reach a control panel in time to prevent the extinction of mankind.

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