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How to Save Money with a Lean to greenhouse from Avinou-Green

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A lean to greenhouse is the perfect solution if you have space and budget constraints, and yet are looking to grow exotic shrubs and flowering plants at home. At Avinou-Green, we have a wide variety of greenhouses that can be attached to a sturdy structure and maintained effectively at low costs. We are sure you’d be able to find a greenhouse design that compliments your garden beautifully from our range of pretty greenhouses on display.

Most lean to greenhouses are built using an external wall for support and security. You might not have a large area for growing plants, but the entire exercise would fall within your budget constraints. Here is how:

Three walled structure

Since these greenhouses are put up using external support sources, you only have to pay for three greenhouse walls. Not only is your cost reduced, but the maintenance effort also decreases since you only have to maintain three walls, instead of four.

Lower space occupied

Depending on your garden size, there are a variety of greenhouse dimensions for you to choose from. The most preferred products are 6 x 4 greenhouse designs and 8 x 6 greenhouse designs. There are larger designs available as well. Choosing the perfect greenhouse that fits your garden is an excruciating task, particularly if you are a first time buyer. Count on us to help you choose the best greenhouse garden structure best suited for your needs.

No extra heating

Victorian greenhouses heavily rely on heat transfer from an external building source to the greenhouse, particularly during cold winter months. This concept is adhered to while designing lean to greenhouses. You are saved from added heat and ventilation costs with a lean to greenhouse from Avinou-Green.

Robust construction

Since lean to greenhouses are constructed with secure external support, you do not have to bother about it being affected by bad weather and strong winds. Moreover, you can spend a lot more money on having the right soil type, growing expensive plants, and using effective plumbing and drainage solutions to prevent water clogging.

Effective utility supplies

Since most lean to greenhouses are connected with your house or garage, you can extend utility supply effectively without having to spend a lot of money. Plumbing lines can be extended from your house, lighting can be arranged, and there could be effective ventilation supplied too. This way, you reduce costs even more.

A few tips on choosing the right lean to greenhouse:

  1. Make sure you have a south facing wall. This way your greenhouse wouldn’t be overly heated during the summer.
  2. Insist on choosing through the various 6 x 4 greenhouse and 8 x 6 greenhouse types available at Avinou-Green. They are the ones best suited for small gardens.
  3. Whatever you do, do not over accessorize your garden with sheds, summerhouses, and greenhouses. Too much of garden equipment can turn your captivating landscape into a neighborhood eyesore.

Are you still confused about how you can save money with lean to greenhouses? Contact us at Avinou-Green and we’ll be happy to help you through the selection process.


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