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As the Horde ultimately buy fifa coins

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As the Horde ultimately buy fifa coins ravaged the Kingdom of Azeroth and killed its advocate,King Llane,Lothar rallied his countrymen and charted their retreat across thte Great Sea and onto the shores of Lordaeron.Gul'danGul'dan Warlock of the Inner Circle and Destroyer of Dreams is the true mastermind behind not only the inner workings of the Horde,but those of the secretive Shadow Council as well.Trained in the arts arcane by the Daemon Kil'jaeden,Gul'dan is perhaps the most powerful warlock ever to walk the temporal plane.

Obsessed with discovering the legendary Tomb of Sargeras,he hopes to obtain the ultimate power by deciphering the secrets ascribed by the Daemonlord since times long forgotten.Gul'dan has used his magiks to bring into being a host of servants for the Horde.Necrolytes,Ogre-magi,and the dread Death Knights are all results of his endless experiments with the forces of magic.Although his spawn of his work have strengthened the Horde,the true loyalties of Gul'dan lie only with himself and his quest to become omnipotent.Sir Uther LightbringerApprentice to the aged Archbishop Alonsus Faol who was the leader of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics that guided the Kingdom of Azeroth during the First War,Uther Lightbringer learned first hand that faith alone would not defeat the terrible Horde.

Many of the Clerics were slain during the First War,and so the Archbishop devoted himself to rebuilding the Order as to provide the citizens of Lordaeron with hope and faith.Knowing that this war with the unholy Orcs could not end soon,Uther discerned that the Archbishop's new Order must be able to defend the people as well as heal them.Thus,young Uther took up sword and shield and issued the call to the most pious amongst the Knights of Lordaeron.Many great Knights heeded Uther's beckoning and joined the Order which became known as the Knights of the Silver Hand.

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