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Gardening – Choose The Greenhouse For Your Garden

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You’ve finally decided to grow your own vegetables and you are not sure if your garden is suitable for such an ambitious project. You’ve got all the information about soil, seeds, weeding, and watering and also when it is the best time to plant the greenery according to the lunar phases. But questions like “where to make the beds” or “will they interfere with the general appearance of the garden” make you think twice whether it is a good idea after all. But for the sake of the green living, eating fresh and saving for the rainy days it is all worth it.
How about an alternative? Yes, there is such a thing and it’s called greenhouse. It is perfect for both protecting your plants from the bad weather and providing them with the needed sunshine.  What is even better is that a greenhouse is not just for vegetables but for flowers too. Placed in the perfect spot, it can add a decorative and colourful element to your garden that everyone will admire. Including you.
Now, if you take the greenhouse route, there are a few aspects that you need to consider such as where to place it in your garden, how much space requires, what sort of foundation you’ll be able to provide or whether you’ll have easy access to water and/or electricity if needed. Also, if you don’t know what kind of greenhouse to choose as per shape or style, here are a few types to take into consideration if you are about to acquire one for your gardening project.
Lean to Greenhouse
Lean to Greenhouse is perfect if you don’t want to use up too much space in your garden. It only has three walls as the fourth one is provided by your own house. A lean to greenhouse is a very good choice as you already have that shelter required by such a structure as greenhouses can be quite vulnerable against strong winds. Also your garden will look tidy and the lean to greenhouse will be as much part of the house as it will be part of the garden.
They come in all different sizes and shapes to suite your garden, your house and your plants. For example, taller lean to greenhouses will allow you to grow fruit trees while the small versions will be more suitable for herbs and flowers.
6ft. X4ft. Greenhouse
A 6x4 greenhouse is a good fit for your greenery if you have a small or medium size garden. They are made of lightweight aluminium and safety glass and they are provided with doors, roof ventilation and shelves.
8ft. X 6ft. Greenhouse
A 8x6 greenhouse is suitable for bigger spaces and they come in a similar variety and shapes as the 6ft. X 4ft., also made from the same materials. They are compact and spacious at the same time, perfect to accommodate almost any type of plant you decide to grow.
Happy gardening!

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