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The Five Benefits of Tableless Website development Auckland Designs

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HTML was considered the prima forte for websites and online portals until recently when tableless designs came into force. Today, most website development Auckland firms prefer tableless designed websites courtesy the flexibility, low costs, and low maintenance hassles involved. Read on as we present to you five ways you benefit when you opt for tableless web designs.

#1: Fast site response

Sites designed with tables take immense times to load. Moreover, there are numerous unnecessary files that need to be installed making your page look like a hodgepodge. On the other hand, when you opt for tableless web development Auckland designs, you get faster loading times and greater efficiency of site space. Your visitor count is likely to thus, increase multifold.

#2: Easy amendments

HTML table sites have myriad codes and confusing jargon that ensures most Internet marketing Auckland site owners and blog managers rush to website maintenance firms for updates and site overhauls. However, a tableless design makes it easier for you to change write-ups and page designs with ease. Not only the site owner, but the web development Auckland Company would also appreciate the easy maintenance.

#3:  Greater SEO power

Somehow Google can tell if you designed the website with tables or without them, by means of the spiders that crawl your page to gauge content and links. If you opt for tableless designs, your keywords are utilized better and your web pages ranks higher in the search engine listings. Not only Google, but Yahoo, Bing and many others also find tableless websites easy to qualify and rank, making these designs a huge hit for Internet marketing Auckland professionals.

#4: Budget friendly

Since tableless designs are created easily and without a lot of coding, they come easy onto your purse strings – you don’t have to spend a lot. Most website development Auckland based companies highly advocate web designs in the tableless format since you actually get great designs, minus the “junk” at affordable rates, without providers having to lowball their rates.

#5: Printable without extra plug-ins

Most sites that need to be cited or stored in the hard disc drive offer you printable versions of their webpage – since their web pages with the tabled format are not printable. This requires most web development Auckland based companies to design two copies of the same web page – one with printability and one without. Tableless designs, on the contrary, can be printed with ease, saving you the labor of creating and formatting an extra page for print friendly versions.

Tableless designing hasn’t really reached the commercial market yet and there are many Internet marketing Auckland companies that rely on HTML table web pages even today. But there is a steady stream of web developers treading into the tableless niche and benefitting from the easy format.

They are stylish, cost effective, and one of the best ways to create a website without getting into coding hassles. Tableless designs are certainly here to stay for a long time. Try them and you sure, will not be dejected.

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Very nice article.. Great information on all aspects on website development.

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