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Fitness and Morale Guide in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

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Fitness and Morality are the factors that can affect the performance of your players on the pitch. Fitness is gained by resting and lost by playing. Generally a player with 80 or lower fitness will be much slower in the game. You can buy fitness Cheap Fifa 14 Coins to add to individual players or to the entire squad. As far as the fitness is concerned, it should be at-least in 90s if you want the player to perform around average.

Similarly, the morale of the players should be above neutral to have a full scaled performance. Morale also affects their ability to pass and shoot. If you win morale goes up, lose and it goes down. The stadium you play in can also help increase morale. So look out for +8 stadiums in the trade area. If you buy a new stadium, you have an option to "make it active". Same for kits and balls which you can buy for your club or indeed sell. Also you can purchase morale consumables to add to player or all the team. You can make use of the morale Fifa Coins items or give players some rest.

Improve morale and fitness without using cards
Take all your players who are low in fitness and morale and place them in your reserves and then play a match. You will come out of it and notice how it's gone up, back into the 90s. It might take more time and it only really works when you have multiple squads but it definitely saves you precious coins. You can even put Cheap Fifa Coins players in there even if you play in the silver cup since the game only counts the sub bench.

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