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Fantastic Garden Storage Options this summer

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Though sheds are the most preferred storage options in various British gardens, at Avinou-Green, we have a lot of wonderful other storage options for you to consider. They are cheap, effective, and yet easy to maintain and look beautiful. Take a look at some of our unique garden storage suggestions and if you still find sheds more appealing, we have an equally wonderful collection of fabulous sheds for you to buy from, as well.


An arbour is a framework, either made of wood or metal, which supports creepers and climbers. Most arbours are room-shaped with a seating space and several storage sections inside. With trellis and flowering creepers growing around the arbour, you may spend refreshing evenings with family and chatter over hot cups of tea or chilled fresh juice.

Arbours are charming and come in many designs. Low priced and of wonderful quality, the arbours at Avinou-Green are truly worth buying and installing in your garden. Maintaining arbours are equally easy. Nevertheless, should you have any trouble in installing and making sure our arbour devices are secured firmly in your garden, you can get back to us and we’ll guide you in every possible way we can.


If you have a lovely garden with the best flower beds and carefully pruned bushes around, the next thing you need would be a beautiful summerhouse. ‘Why do I want a summerhouse when I can have a shed?’ – you may ask. For starters, our summerhouses are perfect places for you to rejuvenate after a hectic day at work. Built in captivating designs and having delicate wooden framework, the summerhouses featured at Avinou-Green are truly magnificent.

Furthermore, summerhouses are wonderful places to host guests for tea parties and luncheons. Summer evenings are best spent in the garden, particularly if your house gets too hot during the day. Add a television, entertainment system, or a barbeque for sale in your summerhouse and regale your visitors and family.

Storage in the garden is also easy if you have a summerhouse. You can build shelves or install a few racks and store pots, pans, barbeque for sale, and a lot of other gardening equipments in them. Buy a carefully chosen beautiful curtain and cover your shelves when you host guests and they wouldn’t even know that you actually built a summerhouse for garden storage!

Important considerations:

Make sure you know what you are looking for. This can be difficult if you’ve never invested in these garden storage accessories before, but we are there to help and answer your queries if you have any.

If you have a huge garden, you don’t have to worry about the size constraint. On the other hand, if you have a tiny garden, make sure you carefully measure the space you can allocate to the storage construction and buy something ‘within’ that size.

If there are trees in your garden, ensure that their branches and fruits (like coconuts from coconut trees) are positioned away from your garden structure.

At Avinou-Green, we have the best possible garden storage structures for you to take delight in. Take your time, check our website, and purchase the best possible storage shelter for your garden.


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