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Evan Lahti is cheap fifa 14 coins

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Evan Lahti is cheap fifa 14 coins Executive Editor at PC Gamer. His gaming specialties are shooters, multiplayer shooters, and indie games. His recent favorites are PlanetSide 2, DayZ, Tribes: Ascend, Far Cry 3, and Arma 3. Evan counts Starsiege: Tribes, MechCommander, Command Conquer: Red Alert, CounterStrike 1.6, and Team Fortress Classic as his most influential gaming experiences.More than anything, Evan values the PC's world of varied communities: to Evan, machinima directors, speedrunners, military sim roleplayers, and obscure Doom mod message boards like Chex Quest are precious subcultures that don't exist anywhere else in gaming.

Evan is especially drawn to coop and emergent experiences, which explains his penchant for falling out of helicopters. Evan cohosts a podcast about Arma 2, the Armacast.Raised in the horseobsessed rural township of Highland, MI the first American city to have a high school equestrian team, Evan abandoned his training to become an international fencing champion and started a CounterStrike clan. Only his ability to yell loudly into a microphone propelled him to the latter. Evan studied print journalism at North Central College in Naperville, IL.Outside of gaming, Evan likes longboarding, fencing, gaming music, board games Pandemic, Battlestar Galactica, Arkham Horror, Esquire magazine, Unibroue beer, and the Detroit Red Wings. His favorite keyboard shortcut is Alt + Tab.

Logan Decker is the EditorinChief of PC Gamer US Edition. Raised in Sunnyvale, California, only miles away from what is today the headquarters of Apple, his parents sacrificed to buy him an expensive Apple II+ computer with the understanding that computers were the future, and that those who mastered them would become fabulously wealthy and admired the world over. They were, of course, prescient, but their visions sadly did not apply to their son, who could have cared less about programming and instead spent his youth conquering Britannia in his pajamas.

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