Mastodon Did You Make Font Selection Properly Before Book Publishing?

Did You Make Font Selection Properly Before Book Publishing?

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Here is a useful article for the self publishers, who have recently landed into self publishing the book. If you are facing complications in self publishing a book, with minor aspects, then do not get fussed up and lose hope, as here we are to your rescue and make you utilize the power of self publishing a book online to the fullest. This time, we are here with few tips on font selection-the aspect which might seem smaller but can play a huge role in ruining the self publishing experience.

Aspects to take care of when selecting font for publishing or printing a book:

• The readability aspect:
The font you are selecting for your book should be selected according to the target audience. For instance, if your target group consists of people in old age, then you should pick up the font that does not put stress on their eyes. On the other hand, if business people are your audience, then avoid using informal text like comic sans.

Commonly the text which is used by the writers for their writing includes oldstyle typefaces like Garamond, Bembo, or Caslon and modern versions like Minion, Adobe Garamond, and Sabon.

• The contrasting element:
Once the text is selected, the next step is to look up for the contrast in the font of titles, headings, and sub headings. To include the appealing aspect, it is good to maintain a difference between the font of titles, headings, or sub headings, however, there has t be harmony amidst all.

• Check the appropriateness:
Once you are done with selection of font for titles, headings, or subheadings, you have to check whether it goes perfect with the theme and genre of your text. If you writing is based on a serious issue, then you must not pick the comic font, as it would contradict your genre. Also, do check whether the text is visually appealing or not.

• Do not neglect the legal aspects:

It is important to know that to use certain fonts, one requires legal permission & rights. There are certain font types which come under the intellectual property. This becomes more important when you download any text. So, next time when you download certain text type, do go through the legal aspects.

These are certain tips, which you have to consider when selecting the text for your book. Generally, self publisher has to take care of every aspect on his own. No publisher would be there to suggest the write about such minor things, so it is your responsibility to stand par with every self printing or publishing challenge and make your work a success.

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