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Arbour, Summerhouse, Barbeque and Storage – The Garden’s Quartet

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What an arbour, a summerhouse and a barbeque have in common? They are all reminders of summer and they can all be in your garden for you to enjoy. Whether together at a party or separately, according to their functionality, it is entirely your choice. And if you add a garden storage to keep the space free from clutter, your garden quartet is complete. 

Arbours look great in any garden and they are both functional and decorative. Well, functional because they offer a place to sit while reading, contemplating or having a chat with your friend, and decorative because they add a touch of personality to your outdoor space.  They are also a great support for climbing plants and flowers and they come in a wide variety to choose from. But above all, they are all offering the same thing: an oasis of relaxation in your little corner of heaven.

So do the summerhouses - same purpose, yet more complex. While arbours are great for warm sunny days, summerhouses can offer you a refugee from the bad whether too. Made of timber, some have heavy duty framing, some have lag lop cladding, but what they all have in common is space and cosiness. Despite the name – summerhouses - they can also be used in the cold seasons as they can be wired for heaters usage. Summerhouses could be an invitation to another world, like an adventure in your own doorstep or a mini holiday in your very garden.

Arbours and summerhouses are not just for you to enjoy but for family, friends and neighbours too. So if you decide to invite them over to showcase your latest acquisitions, a barbeque party in your garden could be the perfect excuse.  But it can’t be a barbeque party without the barbeque and the correspondent cooking repertoire.

Barbeques for sale come in all different shapes and sizes to suite your appetite and your barbequing style best. There are basic and complex barbeques; tower shaped, kettle style and portable; propane, gas and charcoal barbeques; made of mild steel, chrome, porcelain lid and aluminium parts. As for the cooking side of it, depending on your abilities and culinary preferences, there is a barbeque to match them. You can grill your sausages, burger, fish and steaks, some barbeques have rotisserie for chicken and kebab, and others have pizza making facility. A modern barbeque can easily give you restaurant quality food.

Barbeques can be kept in the house or in a garden storage, another useful item for your garden. You can store your gardening tools, your sports kit, your barbeque with its accessories, anything you can think of and you don’t want it in your way. Garden storages have solid metal structures against insects, animals and adverse weather and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So if you want to enjoy watching the birds from the summerhouse and the purple sunset from the arbours but also have a storage place for your barbeque with its accessories, a garden storage can make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

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