Mastodon 4 Reasons for Your Kids to Play Tom and Jerry games in Moderation

4 Reasons for Your Kids to Play Tom and Jerry games in Moderation

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Most parents accept that violent online games and those with obscene content are harmful for their kids. But, surprisingly parents are not guilty at all about letting their child play free Tom and Jerry games all day. Video games, in any form and content, are good for your kids only in moderation, according to a research by the NYU Child Study Center, USA. Here are a few reasons why.

Tom and Jerry games are not absolutely required for your child’s well being.

We are aware of most parents equating video games to education, food, shelter, and clothing and making sure they religiously shop for the latest versions of games or download free Tom and Jerry games online. However, your child can grow really fine without video games too. If you intend to provide your kid with video games, let it be more of a performance treat or a pastime recreation than a full-time vocation. Just as you do not let your kid eat more of sweets and junk, let Tom and Jerry games be part of their ‘entertainment diet’ – something strictly good in moderation!

There are no social play Tom and Jerry games options available.

Most of the Tom and Jerry cartoon based games available online are geared only towards single player interfaces. There are no double players involved, which may either lead to infighting between your kids or alienate them completely from other kids, eating up into their play time and socialization after school. There are efforts from the makers to make Tom and Jerry double player games, but until then, ensure your kids don’t ‘stand out’ in a social circle. It is important for them to have friends too.

Playing on the ground is significantly reduced with free Tom and Jerry games.

‘Playing’ in the past referred to kids running around, falling down, picking themselves up, frolicking in the mud, and having athletic physiques. Today, ‘playing’ unfortunately, involves kids glued to their computer screens, having symptoms of obesity and heart arrest problems before they’re even twenty years old! Free Tom and Jerry games are a good source of entertainment but, do not let these games eat into your kids outdoor play times, which is why keeping a strict check on online gaming hours is really important.

There are eye defects reported at a significantly young age.

Playing Tom and Jerry games (or practically any other game on the Internet) involves a lot of eye defects and other health problems, since your kids are exposed to the computer screen that exudes a lot of harmful radiations. As a result, we see kids in pre-school sporting huge framed glasses and have concentration problems. Limiting Tom and Jerry games played online can singlehandedly prevent a lot of premature sight problems in kids.

We have absolutely no problems with Tom and Jerry games as a whole. Weren’t they the best cartoon series ever? However, it is extremely important that you monitor your kid’s playing hours and let video games be a recreation activity, not a full-time vocation that ruins them in the end.

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