Mastodon Mastodon at BIG DAY OUT Festival

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Mastodon at BIG DAY OUT Festival

Mastodon will be performing at the BIG DAY OUT Festival 2010 in Australia, find out more info and details Here!
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Australia’s biggest music festival is super-excited to welcome back Australia’s biggest rock band, POWDERFINGER. It’s been an almost three-year wait between albums for ’FINGER fans, and a five-year wait between BIG DAY OUTs. But the drought breaks this summer with Golden Rule, the long-awaited new album, home to pressure washers snapping, snarling, upbeat single All the Dreamers. Since first playing BIG DAY OUT in 1994, POWDERFINGER have become one of our all-time favourites. They’re the people’s band with a never-ending supply of people’s anthems: My Happiness, DAF, On My Mind, Like a Dog, Pick You Up, Lost and Running… No band unites the Australian rock public like POWDERFINGER. So throw an arm around a mate and raise your voices as one when BIG DAY OUT 2010 brings you POWDERFINGER for the people.She’s brash, she’s wine racks bold, she’s magnificently mouthy, she’s the one and only LILY ALLEN and she’s bound to be the talk of BIG DAY OUT 2010. A rebellious national treasure in her British homeland, ALLEN has been adopted Down Under too, her second album It’s Not Me, It’s You owning the charts in 2009 and going three-times granite countertops platinum along the way. From LDN to The Fear, she mixes sunshine with sass, social commentary with sardonic two-fingered salutes. She’s a pop queen for the 21st century, and she’s still not turned 25. When LILY ALLEN talks, BIG DAY OUT listens.
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*puts up hand* i 2nd this idea >=:)
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Please do a side show in Perth, Western Australia. Selling tickets won't be a problem. You guys are huge over here.
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Hell yeah, play a show outside of the Big Day out in NZ, would way rather watch your own show for 2 hours! I saw them open for slayer at the St James and it was freakin awesome.
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please please please play a show in NZ outside the BDO, shitty outdoor sound and shitty bands all day to wait through
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Hey does anyone know if the boys are doing any shows in Oz outside of the BDO?
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Thank you so much for finnally coming to nz even if i have to put up with all those terrible pop acts before you it will be worth it thank you but please play a show outside of the big day out please please please
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