Mastodon Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

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Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

We're giving everyone the chance to win a giant signed poster from the guy's in Mastodon and the Limited Edition- Red & Gold "Crack The Skye" vinyl! The winner is: Josh133
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First, u guys, by urself, are crazy. Throw in Dethklok, and the metal is beyond sweet. But both on HALLO-FUCKING-WEEN!?! FUCK YEAH!! I cant wait til u guys come to the Patriot Center. Metal flying everywhere, people dressed up in costumes, more metal flying, smacking everyone in the face with its glorious fucking goodness...I dont know what im going to do with myself im that excited!
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LOVE MASTODON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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goddamn.. send it to norway.. it will look great in a frame in my hallway... greeting from the viking capital
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In April I ingested just over an eighth of blue striped magical mushrooms. Once I could feel them kicking in, I put on your new record and began on a journey I can not explain with mere human words. As I lay there with my headphones on my mind began a journey through our solar system. From the first note of Oblivion my mind was flooded with golden ancient symbols flying by in a long chain.I saw Mastodon riding on an organic spacecraft of some kind wearing what looked to be Battlefield Earth style suits with long nomadic dreadlocks hanging down their heads. As they flew by the sun I could actually feel the heat and solar winds on my face. And at the exact moment the guitar solo kicked in a laser beam of light as bright as the sun went shooting out of the spacecraft. Im not sure if it was a defense mechanism or if they were just mining ores on other planets. Anyways as the album went on I began feeling like I was uncovering ancient lost information from some distant far away civilization. Mastodons energy was flowing through my soul and It was the most divine experience of my life(besides seeing Tool at Lollapalooza), I would like to thank you for writing this album and deciding to go into outerspace. Much respect, Cronothor of Gorlon
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It's awesome that a band of this caliber is doing something like this. It really gives us the chance to further enjoy Mastodon as a band. Long live the pre-historic Mastodon! Declaration of Procrastination!
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My best friend Chris from Reno, my nephew James from Los Angeles, and my son Skye and I are all traveling to Las Vegas so that we can see you guys together. I missed seeing you the last time you toured because I was deployed overseas. Just glad to get the experience.
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Hi guys! This is my first post here! Hope to get your poster! I think I deserve it. I've had really bad luck lately with stuff related to you... First my dog bit off the corners of my Limited Edition "Crack The Skye"(fortunately he didn't damage the inside art, CD nor DVD). Then, I couldn't make it to your Mexico City gig. And for me, your No.1 MEXICAN FAN, that was quite a dissapointment! Hope to see you one day! Keep it real! YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK! \m/ `_´ \m/
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Hi!! greetings from Mexico!!you are awesome!! keep on rocking!! \m/
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Beard Metal Rules!!!!!!!!
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I had a crazy dream about Brent last night, I was on a ferry and i saw him and started talking to him. Anyway he got really shy and tried running away from me, but obviously we were on a ferry and hence couldnt get very far. Anyway it was a weird dream, and yey for humongous posters of Mastodon!!!!!!
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