Mastodon Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

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Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

We're giving everyone the chance to win a giant signed poster from the guy's in Mastodon and the Limited Edition- Red & Gold "Crack The Skye" vinyl! The winner is: Josh133
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If you are willing to ship the prize to Peru choose me as the winner!!!
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I am willing to donate a kidney to brent, bill, troy, or brann and their children if they need it.
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Mastodon is, in my opinion, the most interesting and likable band of this century. Their imagery is beyond that of any other music force out there. Mastodon got me into metal, and in turn got me into exploring other musical genres. To be honest, I consider Mastodon to be something beyond mere "metal", they are an entity unto themselves. Oh, and by the way... I apparently won one of those lyric scramble contests in December 2008, and I never got a prize, so... (nudge nudge, wink wink)
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IM REALLY SAD BECAUSE THE PORTLAND SHOW SOLD OUT BEFORE I COULD GET TICKETS...AGAIN! Hopefully I'll see you guys eventually. That would be cool if you toured with the melvins again. Better, it would be cool if you collaborated with the melvins. Oh well I only put this on here to see if I could win the poster. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers!
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Crack The Skye is a masterpiece. That is all.
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Im going to see you guys november 7th and it will be spectaculaaaaaarrrrrrr!!
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I like you guys so much I wrote this (no, really, I did): Yepp.
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Hey. We saw you at Street Scene 2009 in San Diego. You guys rocked! Too bad our studio session with 94.9 was cancelled. Brooke Douty
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Mastodon (n.) 2: a person of great size, power, influence, etc. Personified, Mastodon lives as such a force. Rarely do I listen to heavy music and learn through witnessing such a scope of human emotion. Im no suck up, but Mastodon, the band which captures the human condition on the most elemental level possible, is the first band i recommend to those who haven't had the pleasure. Anyone can play metal: Tell the drummer to play two's and four's while the bass and guitar chunk on E. But Mastodon is changing the game.
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Can't wait to see you at WaMu Theater! Love, Alex
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