Mastodon Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

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Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

We're giving everyone the chance to win a giant signed poster from the guy's in Mastodon and the Limited Edition- Red & Gold "Crack The Skye" vinyl! The winner is: Josh133
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All I can say is, Thank you Mastodon. Thank you for the music you've brought into my life. Please, please keep the metal coming for years and years to come. And keep rockin' on! \m/
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I deserve to win, because even though I live in Mexico city, I've seen you guys 4 times this year! I saw you at Coachella, and San Francisco on April, Then I saw your 2 shows at Monterrey (Mexico), and Mexico City... I've travelled like crazy as you can see!
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Que Pasa Mastodon. I am looking forward to seeing you in MN for the 5th time in 3 years, damn you guys tour a lot. I want to win because I enter every damn contest you guys have and have yet to win DAMMIT!! LOL. We'll see you on Oct 16th in MN!
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um my name is Zack, and i like mastodon, and oh yeah puppies are pretty cool also...and im seeing you next week in Seattle!!!!!
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You guys are awesome, my band is inspired by all your albums, and Crack The Skye is genius!!! Rock On Mastodon! View Life In Many Perspectives Or Your Own Perspective Is Gone...
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gimme gimme gimme, i need i need! would love to roll d20s with you guys
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*Raises hand* PICK ME! haha rock on dudes \m/ smoke reefer
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I would definatly ride a space penis to win a signed poster and vinyl!
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mastodon is my faveorite band and i have seen every one of their consorts in my area (will be seeing up comeing toronto concert to)
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