Mastodon Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

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Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

We're giving everyone the chance to win a giant signed poster from the guy's in Mastodon and the Limited Edition- Red & Gold "Crack The Skye" vinyl! The winner is: Josh133
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I never win shit anymore...I won a go kart as i kid and my brother wrecked it on the first day. Is it on 180g?
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Can't wait for Atlanta
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consider this comment my official entry into this magical contest :)
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i win. make it happen mastodon. i went to brents high school. go panthers. penis penis penis vagina vagina vagina
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If i won, I would probably shit myself with excitement. and then shit myself again because It actually sank in.
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I can't wait to see you guys again in KC on Oct 12th!!! It will be my fifth time.I saw you guys play Crack The Skye in its entirety plus some more after that. It was truly a night i'll never forget, I actually met Bill after the show for like five seconds it was really cool. And damn Mastodon and Dethklok is a crazy awesome combo I never would have dreamed would really happen. And for the Signed vinyl ask me to do anything you want for it onstage and i'm your guy when you come to KC. Mastodon rules. \,,\O/,,/
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*smiles with a happiness unconventionally towards the crowd with a knife in hand*
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Dear Mastodon, I just want to let you know, that having listened to Crack the Skye many times while on acid, it continues to BLOW my mind and I never get tired of it. So thank you Brent, Bill, Troy and Brann for making the best album (both the real thing and the instrumental) I have yet to hear while on acid. -Collin PS- I drew a big Crack the Skye picture that I'll send in whenever you guys make a "Fan Art" section
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You will give me the prize. (Jedi mind trick)
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kinky butt sex!!!
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