Mastodon Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

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Enter to Win a Signed Poster and Red & Gold Vinyl!

We're giving everyone the chance to win a giant signed poster from the guy's in Mastodon and the Limited Edition- Red & Gold "Crack The Skye" vinyl! The winner is: Josh133
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You guys are INSANE musicians and the music that you create is just incredible. Crack the Skye was probably one of my favorite albums due to the slight classic rock bend to it, but the heavier stuff is still beautiful. Hopefully you can make your way back to NYC to play another show. -Blender
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Just got home from re-hearsing March of the Fire ants, Chrusher Destroyer,Blood n Thunder, Ahab, Iron Tusk, Wolf is Loose, Crystall Skull, Bladecatcher, Colony of Birchmen, Oblivion, Divinations & Crack the Skye wit my band, which are the song that we will play at a local show/party here in sweden a bit after xmas. Wont be able to play for a couple of months, though since i will have an arm surgery tomorow. Winning this will definetly help me through the boring days when i can't do anything and it would definetly be a cool addition to my mastodon cd collection. Thx to mastodon for inspiration and incredible music!
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In the deep dark South there lingers a sect of VOODOO. Survived through the ages, and rumored to be direct decendants of a mortal form of La Yerona. They are the dark energy that surrounds you and drives your music. But BEWARE the juju will run it's course and then . . . The Myth of MASTODON to be continued
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Since hearing about you guys and buying Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye when it came out, I've been working through you back catalogue. I love how different each album is from the next, but they all rock just as hard!
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Pick me!
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I love the sound of Mastodon in the morning, sounds like......victory
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Hi guys!! Thanks for the metal! You guys rock!! When I first listen your music, I was astonished, I have never listen nothing like it. :D Since that moment automatically you became part of my favorite bands. Thanks for all Andre
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Hey, Thanks for coming to New Zealand a few years back, it was the single greatest show I've been to. I have enjoyed your music very much and find I can always find a Mastodon song suitable for any occasion or mood. If you pick me I will: Stay in the lava for life, Evade the sharks of the sky, Like a workhorse, stands for miles, Bask in an afterglow, Issue days and strike them, Chase 'em down and string 'em up, Aim directly for his crooked brow, And perhaps most importantly I'll shake the hand of lightning and this hopefully, will ultimately lead to the ability to prevail and ride. Fan-Dangle. Thanks!
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Mastodon is one of the first metal bands i ever heard. Out of all people, my grandma bought me Lifesblood and Remission for Christmas in 2003, when i was 12. Been following since but ive only ever seen you guys live in 2004. Next time you're back in Manchester ill make sure to be there. Dan
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I took 3 buddies to a Mastodon concert in Islington, London as an introduction to you guys. We were all blown away (except one dude, who is a bit soft). That means I've converted 2 non-fan dickbags into 2 fan non-dickbags (like the Crusades but with less religion and more metal). I think it's only fair that I'm rewarded. One shiny red and gold vinyl and written on poster please! Peace. D x P.S. Get back to the England. We need more Mastodon.
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