Mastodon UK Fans: Sonisphere Festival - Win Tickets & Get Free EP!

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UK Fans: Sonisphere Festival - Win Tickets & Get Free EP!

1 week until Mastodon play with Metallica at the Sonisphere Festival UK…. Wanna be there?! Answer the below question in comment box - for chance to win tickets for you plus a mate. Q. If you could see an on stage jam out with Mastodon and any other artist playing the Sonisphere festival - who would it be (and why)? The two best answers win a pair of Weekend Camping Tickets each. Deadline is 4pm GMT Wednesday 29th July. Winner will be notified same day. Travel not included (UK fans only on this one sorry). UKU / Sonisphere Free Download EP - launches Monday 27th July! Sonisphere festival have teamed up with also to give away a "UKU / Sonipshere EP", feat. Mastodon "Divinations" plus tracks from Dead By Sunrise, Avenged Sevenfold, The Used & Taking Back Sunday. On Monday, UK fans can download the EP free at Check out the full line up and ticketing information at:
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I really wanted to go aswell but have been saving for my holiday away... I'll answer anyway, it would have to Kirk Hammett as he truly rocks and could so easily play along to whatever notes you came out with, he's like a footballer prempting the goal before it actually happens and with you guys it would be a pretty awesome sound.
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Mastodon is a band that not only creates crushing metal goodness but also constructs particular atmosphere. Each song, molding itself from beginning to end, shaping its textures and delivering us to the universe that is found only through those "cracks in the skye" built by these four gentlemen, takes us away from a conventional form of listening and appreciating the melodies created by these rambling riffs. Because this band is able to explore the boundaries of what metal is and where it is going, it is hard to put them side by side with many bands. Now being this the situation I would go out of the box and would love to see them jam with the Volta. The Mars Volta, as Mastodon, can be considered one of the most impressive bands of our generation. They have been daring to seduce us with the most unusual set vocals you may hear, some daring guitar playing which roots can be traced back to my little Caribbean island by guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez, and the impressive work of an ensemble which delivers with powerful musical force that has never beer heard before. In the past Mastodon has collaborated with Volta's singer (Cedric) in Blood Mountain and delivered, with only a few notes a mysterious, interesting, gloomy and freak-awsome atmosphere that automatically catches our ears and imaginations and takes us to top of that mountain where the radiance of the crystal skull blinds us. If this is the result of only one member of the other band joining in with the powerhouse of Mastodon I can only imagine what these creative forces of contemporary music can fucking deliver and continue to rock our minds off with music that is just at a different level! Peace guys.
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Anthrax, because watching Scott Ian and Brent charging around the stage would be fun!!! But on a more musical level, Thin Lizzy (is that already happening) would be awesome! The version of emerald at ATP was one of my highlights of the weekend! Heaven and Hell would also be good! And Swede-pop-prog-rock shenanigans with Bjorn Again would be fabulous. If only to justify their appearance at Sonisphere! : ) I can just imagine Dancing Queen... : )
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I think it should be with alien ant farm because then you could show them how shit they are and how they shouldn't be playing a metal fest :) You would own them!!so much!!
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Can I cheat? As you didn't say which sonisphere I'd say Mastodon and Down (seeing as they played all the other european Sonisphere's this year right?). Together? on a stage? The riffs would be immence. Pure sex, thats what I say. PURE SEX MUSIC.
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Holy shit just imagine, Troy and Brent giving some full on dual riffs alongside Tony Iommi and Geezer butler. The sight of this would be mezmorising but the sound would blow everyones ones mind away and would go down as one of if not the greatest performances ever witnessed at Knebworth - and yes I do mean better than Zeppelin and Purple back in the day!! Ok maybe be an obvious choice but lets face it the noise would be thunderous and send shivers down every metal heads spine!! Brann and Bill not forgotten you, kicking the crap out of the drums and shredding the guitar and maybe Dio could join for the encore to make metal Heaven meets Mastondon Hell!!!
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the wildhearts!! 13 minute songs, a shared love of huge riffs, and I know the main wildhearts man, ginger is a huge mastodon fan, it would be great to see mastodon sneak down to the bohemia stage and live it up with the wolds most underated band!
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BJORN AGAIN At first, I'd of loved to have seen emerald with Lizzy but as this isn't happening, a beard off with the mighty ABBA lot could be priceless. Songs from one of the most influential band in history...and then some Abba songs ;-)
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I would like to see Mastodon jamming on stage with Nine Inch Nails. It would be totally awesome to see what happens when the heaviness of Mastodon merges with the industrial electronica of Nine Inch Nails. I think it would sound like armageddon!
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I think Brent Hinds coming on stage during Metallica show and playing the bending solo part of Orion would be stellar, since Metallica don't play Orion on this leg, that would be the best thing that could happen.
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