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Check out Rhapsody Mastodon feature and interview Here!
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It's 3/27/09 and I arrive home at about 5 pm. My dad says to me that I've received a box by mail. I check it out and it's there. Mastodon:Crack the Skye album.I run to my bedroom,dress my Rasputin T shirt,put the CD in my Sound system and sit back. Dude... It was a turning point in my life. No bullshit. Listening to that album it's a unique experience. You can almost feel your body spining around with that spiral that they talk so much. "Fuck":I've said to myself. I could write a thousand words to describe you the feeling and you still have to listen it by yourself. After that I saw the DVD too and... You know. That's a masterpiece. And people can say what they want to say but I don´t change my opinion for nothing. I feel happy,sad,strong... when I'm listening to the album... That's what we all want. New sensations. And this album has that. That's why Mastodon have a future,I hope. Thank you for make MUSIC. I'll see you guys at OPTIMUS ALIVE!09 with my Rasputin shirt ;) PS:Forgive my bad English.
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You are 100% right!! I have been a follower of Mastodon since I saw them open for Slayer back in 2004, and have not looked back since. Each album is signficantly different than the others and each time they seem to hone their niche in music history more and more. I ordered the special edition of their CD online and actually got in this last Saturday, 3 days before it was to be released, and I almost fainted. I had a sense that this CD would be something special, but what it turned out to be is something beyond special. This album is absolutely perfect in every sense of the word!! From the album art to the lyrics to the musicianship and production. Besides my love for everything metal, I also worship bands like Tool and Pink Floyd. This album gives me that same feeling that Tool and Pink Floyd have given me in the past....Goosebumps!!! It is truly brilliant. The opening song "Oblivion" has to be one of best songs I have ever heard. It opens with "I flew beyond the sun before it was time..." and I can't help but picture Icarus and his melting wax wings, then they top it off with a guitar lead that would make David Gilmore very proud. How awesome is that!!! I feel like going down to the music store and buying a Floyd Rose, just so that I can try and play something that cool, and not even come close. Not many bands can do what Mastodon has done by making you feel like you are part of the song and actually picture what they are singing about. Although this album is a bit more mellow than the others, it is still pure Mastodon Metal. I am going to see them at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on 04/19, I have never been so excited about a concert before, and trust me, I have been to a ton of shows in my life...congratulations Mastodon!!! You guys have reached a new level of worthiness!!
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There have only been 2 other times (for me) that an album so hyped, so anticipated, and so talked about has completley blown me away and nearly brought me to tears because of it's overwhelming power and epicness. TOOL's "Lateralus" and NIN "The Fragile". I now add "Crack the Skye" as number 3. This is Mastodon's "Dark side of the Moon", their "Master of Puppets", their "Ziggy Stardust", and "The last Baron" is their "Stairway to Heaven". From start to finish, "Crack the Skye" takes you on an amazing and powerful journey like few albums have ever done, with their musical abilities and creativeness going far beyond expected. As a long time fan, it is my opinion that this album has lifted Mastodon from a bad ass metal band from Atlanta to an everlasting, legendary band that will go down in music history for making one of the greatest albums of this decade. Congradulations to Mastodon and all that worked on this album, it is your masterpiece. I will fly the Mastodon flag higher than ever, everyhwere I go.
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