Mastodon "DIVINATIONS" Video

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Here it is, the first video and single, Divinations, from Mastodon’s upcoming album, Crack The Skye. I would say that this is your typical Mastodon video. Weird, kind of cheesy…but in the way that Mastodon makes it so awesome. Lovelinks
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From earliest times, human beings have been curious about the future. Divination, the discovery of things hidden in the past, the present, or the future by the interpretation of signs, symbols, and portents, is a means of satisfying that curiosity. And I am just one amongst. auto insurance quotes
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The music video depicts the band, minus Brent Hinds, as explorers on a snowy mountain. It shows them climbing, observing old artifacts, and also cuts to flashbacks in what seems to be the stone age. Early signs of pregnancy
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This video is awesome. The yeti was really cool too. Thanks. free online games
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