Mastodon iTunes Pre-Order with Instrumental Score

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iTunes Pre-Order with Instrumental Score

Mastodon are pleased to announce an exclusive pre-order of CRACK THE SKYE, their seven-song strong, Brendan O’Brien-produced opus, which begins today, Feb. 24, exclusively through iTunes. Those who pre-order the album digitally will also be able to immediately download a new album track, “Oblivion.” As a bonus, fans who order now will also receive an exclusive version of “Oblivion” recorded live on the UK’s XFM radio and is not available anywhere else. iTunes will also offer a special deluxe pre-order package, which includes the CRACK THE SKYE digital album along with the full album presented as a “score,” in its entirety. The instrumental score version will invite fans into a completely unique listening experience that enhances the music’s sonic ebb and flow into a cinematic adventure. The deluxe package will also include the live XFM “Oblivion” track, and an exclusive PDF album booklet file. The downloadable booklet contains album artwork and in-depth explanations of the intricate and otherworldly concept behind CRACK THE SKYE. Pre-Order Here!
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Any chance we can get the score in Europe? I hope it comes with the deluxe edition.
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Hi, that's my 1st post! I'm from Italy and I pre-ordered the super deluxe edition and I hope that will come with the score version... but if not... how can I get this version if it's only available in the US ituna >(((((°> store? Maybe you can bring a copy of that one in Milan on June the 22...can't wait for that show (my 3rd mastodon show)!! Cleto
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i hopes this full album "score" comes with the deluxe cd edition as a secret or something cause i agree with buying the cd a second time hurts the pocket and is a bit of a waste. just release it as a limited vinyl or deluxe vinyl; that would be very cool. and for some reason playing the vinyl always seems like a unique listening experience compared to the cd although the cd probably sounds better overall. hurry up march 24th. fuck, i just thought of the fact that i pre-ordered the cd so i won't get it until probably a week or two after it is released. now im definitely going to end up buying it twice. i really hope there's not a going to be a third time.
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Yeah, I agree. What about the fans that bought the Super Deluxe version? Are the instrumental tracks only exclusive to iTunes (I know the live track is) or will they be released on CD at some point?
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I wish the people who ordered the super deluxe deal also got the instrumental score, cause i dont want to buy crack the skye twice. i mean there is nothing wrong with that, but it hurts my pocket.
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Great idea lads but any intentions of making it available to fans in Ireland? It's only available in the US as it is
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