Mastodon Before the Earth rotates twice on its axis again - you'll be able to Crack The Skye.

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Before the Earth rotates twice on its axis again - you'll be able to Crack The Skye.

A Mastodon album package containing Crack The Skye, bonus dvd footage, and a spectacular visual-representation-of-the-album-concept-packaging will be available in a strictly limited offering to Mastodon fans. This is a one time pressing. Once it sells through, no more of this package will be produced. To compliment the special packaging offer, a website dedicated to Crack The Skye will be launched in the next few days. The experience site, to be located at, will be a flash-based and interactive journey through album packaging art, lyrics, images, videos, etc. from the album. Think of it as an extremely visual and engaging set of liner notes to accompany and enhance the experience of listening to the album. has a complimentary existence with It exists as a brightly burning star in orbit around the home planet. is focused directly on Crack The Skye art and album concept.

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And can't seem to see -when- we can preorder... damnit I have to go to work now... I might lose out, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
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Sounds great. I'll be ordering as soon as it becomes available. -Croaker
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Pretty Sick. I am going to harbor around this apocalyptical machine to make sure i get one. Only if you guys had this package come with a kaleidoscope, but I can't complain. You boys are awesome, Much love from Amherst, NY, ~Aleks
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