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Be the first to see the cover artwork for "Crack The Skye" on MONDAY! You must be signed up for the mailing list to get the first look! Sign up now to join the mailing list on the right hand side of the page! You will be emailed the artwork on Monday!
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nothing in my inbox... thanks to some one for posting a link
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I was signed up but didn't get a mail about it.
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For all those who couldn´t see the artwork (like me) you can take a look here:
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bladecatcher um on the mailing list and no email of artwork WTF not too happy here
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I just got the email for the album cover. Man, what a neat piece of artwork. It's nice to see some bands still put the effort into making very creative covers. I think the artwork fits nicely with what I've read about the concept of the album. With a title like "Crack The Skye" you could do a variety of different things. But I think the artist hit the nail on the head. Looking forward to tomorrow to hear some new music. If the clip of Oblivion is any indication of what the disk is going to sound like, I think we're all in for a real treat. I've had the clip stuck in my head all day.
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Where can i see it?
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Its so f*cking awesome.
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julian simonsvery disthapointed that the album artwork isn't in my MAILBOXXXX
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Truly The Most Awesome Thing... I ... have ever seen. canNOT wait till i can get that. Way- ta-go Paul!!
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The artwork is fuckin' great! Wonderful as the Remission, Leviathan and Blood mountain's ones! Mastodon rocks again! "...and when you look long into the AbysS, the AbysS also looks into you..." F. Nietzsche
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