Mastodon Weekly Lyric Scramble

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Weekly Lyric Scramble

Another week, another Lyric Scramble for you to figure out. Remember, email the correct lyrics AND the song title and five winners will receive a Mastodon Prize Pack! send the answers to: Check back later today when we post another lyric for your to unscramble! Ok, here is your final scrambled lyric: ehtwi esafc ocnmig sleoce hwit ryeve tpse
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Nice, I won!
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Yeah, I noticed that as well...I know what they meant and sent them the unscrambled lyrics anyways...Unless its trap?... The plot thickens!
Blackmock67's picture

one of these words has one too many "e's", and is missing an "r"
lovelesslamia's picture

I'm listening to this song right now!
HolyBasil's picture

Horizon seems so far away... Another kickass song.
Asconch's picture

Definitely one of my favorite songs by them.
CopperTusk's picture

I love the opening riff
HolyBasil's picture

And god will watch it burn...... Releasing souls again Within the wrath we wait to be dirt again..... One of my favorites.
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