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I was also at the vicar st. gig. What a fantastic show and you could only have made it better :) Hope you're well soon
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Keep it going. Mastodon rules, but anyway I am death metal fan! You guys are hilarious and mystic. Greetings from Russia =)
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Alright Bill, Sorry you weren't able to Play at Dublin . My Bro and I were bitterly dissappointed but we must thank the lads for an awesome night. This was my 3rd Mastodon Gig in the last 12 Months or so, Feb in Ambassador, Wembly with 'Tallica and Wed @ Vicar St. The Guys did you proud Fiend without a face were awesome too . Get well soon Hulkster135
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Greetings Billo! I've just got home from the Vicar St Dublin Gig. It's not the same without ya big man. Keep those thumbs straight... lol (The left is heading East) Rock on... Ps... Remember what your mother said? Always wear clean underwear, ya never know what might happen lol... :)
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