Mastodon Win a guitar signed by Mastodon and Against Me! each night on their tour

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Win a guitar signed by Mastodon and Against Me! each night on their tour

Each night on the Mastodon/Against Me! tour, there will be a raffle to give away a guitar signed by both bands at the end of the show. Just fill out the raffle form that will be in the merch area of the venue - make sure to fill it out completely - and the winner will be announced immediately after Mastodon's set. Must be present to win.
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That sounds cool, but who is Against Me!?
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Upcoming Tour Dates
  • Apr 28
    Seattle, WA @ Showbox Sodo
  • Apr 29
    Portland, Oregon @ Roseland Theater
  • May 1
    Oakland, CA @ The Fox Theater
  • May 2
    Los Angeles, CA @ Club Nokia
  • May 3
    Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues