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Mastodon to Support Metallica Mexico & South America March 2010

Mastodon Crew's picture
on December 1, 2009 - 2:18pm

Mastodon is extremely happy to announce that they will be supporting Metallica again on their Mexico and South American run in March of 2010! Check out all the dates below and click on the date to buy tickets and more information

<a href ="'>03/01/2010 Guadalajara, Mexico Estadio Tres de Marzo</a>
<a href="">03/03/2010 Monterrey, Mexico Estadio Universitario</a>
<a href ="">03/05/2010 Guatemala City, Guatemala Estadio Mateo Flores</a>
<a href="">03/07/2010 San Jose, Costa Rica Saprissa Stadium</a>
<a href="">03/08/2010 Panama City, Panama Plaza Figali</a>
<a href="">03/10/2010 Bogota, Colombia Park Simon Bolivar</a>
<a href="">03/12/2010 Caracas, Venezuela La Rinconada</a>
<a href="">03/14/2010 San Juan, Puerto Rico Coliseo de Puerto Rico</a>

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