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on November 18, 2009 - 5:55pm

Mastodon is happy to announce that they will be headlining Europe and the UK in February 2010! Check out all the <a href="">dates</a> below. Tickets are now on sale for all shows! Click on the date below to buy tickets.

<a href="">Feb 4, 2010 Megazzini Generali Milan, ITA</a>
<a href="">Feb 5, 2010 Fri-son Fribourg, SWI</a> Search "Mastodon" on
<a href=" 6, 2010 Melkweg Amersterdam, HOL</a>
<a href="">Feb 8, 2010 Gruenspan Hamburg, GER</a>
<a href="">Feb 9, 2010 Columbia Club Berlin, GER</a>
<a href="">Feb 10, 2010 Batschcapp Frankfurt, GER</a>
<a href="">Feb 12, 2010 Arena Vienna, AUT</a>
<a href="">Feb 13, 2010 Backstage Munich, GER</a>
<a href="">Feb 14, 2010 Essigfabrik Cologne, GER</a>
<a href=" 16, 2010 Wulfrun Wolverhapmton, ENG</a>
<a href=" 17, 2010 Academy Bristol, ENG</a>
<a href=" 19, 2010 Barrowland Glasgow, SCO</a>
<a href=" 20, 2010 Academy Machester, ENG</a>
<a href=" 21, 2010 Academy Newcastle, ENG</a>
<a href=" 23, 2010 Rock City Nottingham, ENG</a>
<a href=" 24, 2010 Roundhouse London, ENG</a>

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