Mastodon Troy explains the Curl of the Burl

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Troy explains the Curl of the Burl

In a recent interview, Troy explained the meaning behind Curl of the Burl:

The burl is the knot that’s found in various trees — it’s almost like a cancer of trees. Within that burl are unique swirls or curls. A lot of people will cut those down and sell them to wood-makers, wood sculptors, and furniture makers because it’s got a unique design to it. And this is a true story which happens in the Pacific Northwest — a lot of people go out in the woods with chainsaws, they find these burls, they cut them down, they load their pickup trucks with these burls, take them in to town sell them to various wood-makers, take the money from that, purchase more meth, go back in the woods and continue that circle of insanity. So it’s based on a true story. People will steal your cars, steal copper…and people will go out there in the woods and steal burls.

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You guys... are just blowing my mind. You have become a definitory favourite band of mine. Well done motherfuckers. I will return the favor, and I don't promise in vain.

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You guys saw that episode of intervention too didn't you? THIS IS BURL COUNTRY!

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