Mastodon See the video for Dry Bone Valley now!

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See the video for Dry Bone Valley now!

The new video for 'Dry Bone Valley' from Grammy-nominated Mastodon has just been released! Check it below.

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Yeah - that video was cringe-inducingly bad. Good song and great album, but the video is a major misfire.

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EASILY best video yet - no bad acting for once!

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I love Mastodon and Dry Bone Valley is my favorite song off The Hunter but that video was just terrible.

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Dear Brent, Brann, Troy and Bill,


Shame on you Brent
Shame on you Brann
Shame on you Troy
Shame on you Bill

That was a crammy sham and a crummy joke.

I still love you, but you hurt my heart with that one.

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I find it kinda hard to take the video seriously. BoringBoringVideo indeed...

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