Mastodon The Hunter is unleashed.

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The Hunter is unleashed.

Mastodon's new album "The Hunter" is now here. Get it at iTunes or your local record store. Plus, get the CD for only $9.99 at Best Buy until THIS Saturday! And get the CD/DVD deluxe edition which has the making of the album, a track-by-track commentary, the Stargasm Visualizer, plus the Deathbound and Black Tongue videos at stores like Best Buy now.

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You guys continue to give me faith in the metal music scene these days. Great album, can't wait to see ya again in Milwaukee.

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Yeah nice track by track commentary, it's just Brann babbling for ten minutes, and not really giving any info. Where are Troy, Brent, and Bill at? And why is the "making of the hunter" only like nine minutes long, and containing almost no information or anything of value? I feel like I basically paid 49.99 for the poster and the album.

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Excellent work Gentlemen....Bravo!

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Congrats Fella's. One Hell of an album.

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