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"The Hunter" listening parties in the UK

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on September 13, 2011 - 7:37pm

"The Hunter" listening parties will be held all throughout the UK from 22 Sept through the 27th, in association with Scuzz TV, Blue Banana, Kraken Black Spiced Rum & Jim Dunlop. Hear brand new album tracks and pick up Mastodon, Jim Dunlop, Blue Banana & Kraken goodies at the clubs below…

Thursday September 22nd
Middlesbrough - Overdrive @ The Crown

Friday September 23rd
Aberdeen - Korova
Glasgow - Damnation @ Classic Grand
Lincoln - Sugarcubes
Nottingham - Heavy Metal Karaoke @ Salutation
Sheffield - Drop @ Corporation
Swindon - Rage @ The Furnace

Saturday September 24th
Birmingham - Subculture @ Vudu
Cardiff – Fuel Rock Club @ Pure
Leeds - Trashed @ The Factory
Liverpool - Rage @ The Krazy House
Norwich - Meltdown @ Waterfront

Thursday September 29th
Manchester - Kizmiaz @ Legends
Friday September 30th
London - Voodoo Rock @ Electrowerkz
Wolverhampton – Slade Rooms

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