Mastodon "The Hunter" - coming for you in Augmented Reality!

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"The Hunter" - coming for you in Augmented Reality!

When "The Hunter" is released on September 27th, each copy comes with a special 3D experience called Augmented Reality. Just by using a camera on a computer, you can turn your own face into 'The Hunter' sculpture from the album cover.

There will also be a CD/DVD that comes with a track-by-track video, psychedelic visualizer, and the “Deathbound” and “Black Tongue” videos.

Plus, the limited edition comes with a lenticular poster AND two bonus tracks - "Deathbound" and "The Ruiner." Pre-order it here now!

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Great Post! I am impressed. Do also check out Twin Fountains EC

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As disturbing as moc.anus was, he got one thing right....Mastodon is fucking amaziing.

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Pre-ordered the Limited Edition. Totally ready to have an amazing musical experience on September 27th.

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All I can say is, I sincerely hope that he doesn't think Metallica is the definition of a metal band that's doing it right. I would laugh myself to tears. Nothing against Metallica, but it would go against everything he said in his confused confession of homosexuality.

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Well said. I didn't visit my favourite band's website to read this shite.

What a sick fuck.

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moc.anus, you are disgusting and an idiot. Joe Duplantier is from GOJIRA, not MASTODON. MASTODON has not stripped music of its masculinity; for proof listen to the LIFESBLOOD EP and REMISSION. This is a horrible attempt at creating a copypasta article to make yourself famous online. I support free speech, but just because you can say something doesn't mean that you should. You sicken me you anonymous fuck.

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