Mastodon Hang out with Mastodon in Atlanta on 9/27

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Hang out with Mastodon in Atlanta on 9/27

Right after the Criminal Records in-store in Atlanta on the 27th, the band will be heading over to El Myr right across the street for an after-party where they'll be playing the new album and celebrating with a special "The Hunter" drink just for this event. Plus, get a special "The Hunter" koozie only at El Myr that night!

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Can they please play Hearts Alive at the nyc show nov 19???

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I think they meant " Listening party" type event. That would be hella sweet if they were playing a live show. who knows. Wish I could drive out there on the 27th.

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Oh, God.. Will they be playing The Hunter in it`s entirety?!

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Why oh why do I live in Istanbul !?!

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