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Check out some of the reviews on The Hunter

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on September 28, 2011 - 10:07pm

The reviews have been coming in on "The Hunter" - check out some of the highlights!

“Seemingly dozens of subtly different metal subgenres into a singular pursuit…One burly, beastly adrenaline spike.” -- Entertainment Weekly (A-)

“Loads of monster riffs and frenzied solos, the album also makes room for moments of surprising gentleness…a sound unlike anything in Mastodon’s catalog” – Rolling Stone

"Why can't all bands be this good? Kerrang! KKKKK

"The Worlds most interesting band have hit it out of the park again" - Classic Rock 8/10

"Infectiously brilliant heavy fucking metal" - Terrorizer 5/5

"Still firmly in a class of their own, Mastodon have done it again "- Metal Hammer 9/10

"Epic. The Hunter is the culmination of Mastodon's years sculpting a sound that was theirs to begin with" - Rock Sound 8/10

“Chances are you could use heavier rock in your life, and Mastodon’s riff-heavy epics are as friendly to non-metalheads as they are to heshers.” – New York Magazine

“’The Hunter’ is an intense sonic voyage filled with lush, dark scenery. It takes several listens to fully digest what you’ve just experienced.” – ThePRP.Com

“Thinking man’s metal. Masterful.” – Georgia Music Magazine

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