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  • The Hunter- Sep 27 2011
  • Crack The Skye - Mar 24 2009
  • Blood Mountain - Sep 12 2006
  • Call of the Mastodon - Feb 7 2006
  • The Workhorse Chronicles - Feb 21 2006
  • Leviathan - Aug 31 2004
  • Remission - Oct 21 2003
  • Lifesblood- Aug 6 2002
  • Remission

    1. 1. Crusher Destroyer
    2. 2. March Of The Fire Ants
    3. 3. Where Strides The Behemoth
    4. 4. Workhorse
    5. 5. Ole' Nessie
    6. 6. Burning Man
    7. 7. Trainwreck
    8. 8. Trampled Under Hoof
    9. 9. Trilobite
    10. 10. Mother Puncher
    11. 11. Elephant Man

    1. Crusher Destroyer

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    the honoring instinct of animal
    no blame on the red bull
    throw fury at him

    aim gorge and win

    less contenders on the way today
    let them pay
    nothing lost
    nothing gained

    here lies the warning for matador
    blood running the dirt floor
    won't bleed by accident

    burn your game plan

    2. March Of The Fire Ants

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    as passion encircles the daily storm
    the heart bleeds and droughts do not

    bone grave
    bone engraved
    stone grave
    stone engraved

    all circles created with intention
    an ocean turns yellow
    it soothes the eye

    3. Where Strides The Behemoth

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    condition tomorrow
    with visions inlaid
    the priest stands to our right
    a princess is mine

    the regress of some minds
    further chase the prize
    pretentious you follow
    religion is mine

    anger precedes my footsteps
    haunting past comes into head
    horizon seems so far away
    this life close to end of days
    kill and i will be damned
    forgive and i will be free

    unified eyesight

    4. Workhorse

    | back to the top

    slaved into brittle and worked for days
    only thing that paves your stay
    look behind you see what you've made
    like a workhorse stands for miles
    work for you and never get tired
    roll 'em up it's time to go
    we'll be back before it's too long

    shaved into rhythm
    work for days
    consequences we have paid
    to be free in a world we've made
    like a workhorse stands for miles
    work for you and never get tired
    roll 'em up it's time to go
    we can bet on all that's lost
    before it's too long

    burning hell

    5. Ole' Nessie

    | back to the top

    sanction lived in
    taught by masters
    flight of giving
    be mine always
    here for duration
    miss my sweet love
    times of sailing
    keep me grounded
    make us sure of future sanctions

    6. Burning Man

    | back to the top

    coals under foot burst into flames
    become the earth's ashes
    awaiting sand
    a burning man

    approach the door where i place blame
    take the first step
    cleansing my shame
    awaiting sand
    a burning man

    7. Trainwreck

    | back to the top

    life's changed
    yet remain the same
    basking in an afterglow
    i did not know
    i am here
    in shadows island

    hopeless wondering
    all questions exhaust me

    running screaming chanting
    for all this land i've seen its worth
    helping all for times sake
    it brings me work
    pinned to this world

    8. Trampled Under Hoof

    | back to the top

    original plan
    who will issue days and strike them
    hurry to mystic plains


    hurdle in the path
    struck down
    all is clear for play

    9. Trilobite

    | back to the top

    if you can't get it
    i can't get it
    soul is single
    wind beneath us
    i can't take it
    if you can't take it
    soul is single
    wind beneath us

    shades of sixteen
    you're with me
    shades of sixteen

    10. Mother Puncher

    | back to the top

    change stand grow
    these things you'll never be
    taste your fate
    all that you'll ever be
    a life love unconditional
    a life love
    love unconditional

    chase 'em down string 'em up
    hate the ones who bring you down

    11. Elephant Man

    | back to the top


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