Mastodon The Hunter- Sep 27 2011

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The Hunter- Sep 27 2011

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with each and every album you guys are evolving into the one of the greatest and most unique musicians of all time. With every album blending deeper into this trademark sound- I dont ever want you to stop making albums. UNREAL. Looking forward to seeing you live for the 1st time in Chicago @ the Riv. NEVER STOP- THIS SOUND IS BUILDING TO MEGALOMANIA!

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The Hunter é um registro icônico, é o álbum que qualquer banda gostaria de criar um dia.

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To Mastodon & the new album: Caught you guys at Mayhem this year touring this album & you rocked it!! I know you probably get a lot of slack for not being the froo-froo "performers" Zombie or FFDP are, but as musicians, you completely blew them all out of the water! You guys were why I went this year. Loved seeing you do the album live. Stay experimental & progressive, we love you for it!! I also saw you at the Aragon, so I'm here looking to buy the hard copy of the album... see you next tour!!

To all the commentors: Wow, you'd think that if your business is phishing websites to pitch your product, you'd at least know how to write proper English. Kudos guys, for your putrid grammatical skills.

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Todas ótimas músicas, as melhores são Dry bone valley, Octopus has no friends, Bedazzled fingernails, Curl of the burl, Black tongue, Spectrelight, All the heavy lifting, The tickening e The hunter.

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I first heard Mastodon at Sydney's Soundwave. At the time I didn't know what I was listening to, just saw a lot of people enjoying it. I then went to the Sidewave and became obsessed with The Hunter soon after it.

Now I listen to all of your albums and have grown a strong appreciation and respect for the music you guys make. Truly inspiring stuff and a great methodology behind your work. I now apply it to my everyday life. My only regret is not listening to you guys before the Sydney Soundwave festival so I could join in and have some fun!

Can't wait til your back in Sydney!

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It takes a hell of a lot to impress me with music. I bought The Hunter, and I thought it was incredible. It's the first I've heard of any of your music, I thought "Damn, these guys must really like Motorhead..." and of course some others as well, then I put up Mastodon on Pandora and "Wolf is Loose" came up first (Motorhead was second...) and I thought..."WTF? These guys listened to DISCHARGE?!?!? or at least a lot of Swedish Hardcore Punk...Anti-Cimex mayyyybeee? Mayhaps even some Nausea???
You guys write music like I think. I can't believe I haven't listened sooner, this old, sick, broken, bones, G.reat B.ig H.aircuts punk rocker thanks you, I like this almost as much as I like Napalm Death. Nobody's perfect.

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By far, the best creation of this band to date, anyone who disagrees is just stuck on something and not growing in life. Don't get me wrong, every album has a place in my heart but to see these guys achieve a substantial slice of respect pie in the music world, letting their imaginations take them beyond the stars and overcoming the adversity they've endured...I have to say I'm proud of them for overcoming the odds and saving rock and roll in the 21st century. (I know, rock and roll technically doesn't exist anymore, but they're carrying the torch that Sabbath and Led Zep once piss off)

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This album is truly amazing. I have been a fan since you put out your first album. My favorite albums are Leviathan, Blood Mountain, Crack The Skye and now The Hunter. Brann you inspired me to start playing the drums again and when I can afford a set I'm going to get back on it. You guys are perfect. Do not stop doing what you are doing until you have decided its time to stop. Mastodon in my opinion can only be described in one word...LEGENDARY

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love this album!! I played it nearly non-stop for about a week, and I still find myself repeatedly coming back to it. Good stuff, and keep it up.

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Awesome. Huge and groovy.

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Your best work yet. From the first play I loved it, and it just gets better and better. A perfect summary of everything Mastodon past and present. A flawless combination of brilliant musicianship and organic, grass roots songwriting.

This album grows and grows and grows. With songs like The Hunter, The Thickening, and The Ruiner (bonus track), Mastodon has once again taken another leap to another golden tower.

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